Ways of payment
The standard payment method is a non-cash payment to the organization's current account based on the invoice issued.
Much attention is paid to the quality of packaging. Standard or individual packaging created by our specialists guarantees the safety of products during any type of transportation, ease of unloading and storage after receipt by the customer.
Slabs of all textures and products of polished, smooth matte and polished textures are packed in boxes or in box pallets in a vertical position no more than two rows in height with their front surfaces to each other. Between the front surfaces of polished plates and products, paper or wooden spacers or shavings are placed.

Granite slab is delivered on pallets or in boxes. Products are wrapped in foil and fastened with packing tape. To ensure safety during transportation, as well as various movements and temporary compact storage, for example, in construction sites, a rigid wooden crate is additionally installed on pallets with granite tiles. The price of packaging is included in the price of the goods.
LLC “ Production and Trading House “ STROYKAMEN"
Director Agiyevych Sergiy
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