Bianco Carrara marble

Bianco Carrara marble tiles from the manufacturer can be used to solve various problems:

  • Manufacture of monuments, tombstones and monuments;
  • Production of window sills and countertops;
  • Facing steps and stairs;
  • Laying tiles on the floor and walls, and these can be living quarters or, for example, saunas and hamams;
  • Implementation of artistic solutions (for this it is worth buying a mosaic of Carrara marble in Grozny or in another city);
  • Embankment paving;
  • Facing of fireplaces and portals.

Physical properties
Name: Marble
Abradability: 0,35 g/cm2
Compression strength: 62,3 MPa
Flexural strength: 17,2 MPa
Water absorption: 0,11 percent

Volume weight: 2700 kg/m3